The International Society of Tropical Pediatrics

Vision: The ISTP, founded in 1986 continues to stand today with a firm resolve to faithfully pursue its vision to improve the health of children in the tropics.

Mission: We, the chapters and members of the International Society of Tropical Pediatrics aim to work towards bringing to children in the tropics, the blessing of good health and a better quality of life. 

We of ISTP believe…

  • In the improvement of health care of children in the tropics to attain a better future for mankind.
  • In enhancing greater relevance through continuing surveillance of tropical childhood morbidity and mortality.
  • In vigilance against the emergence of new morbidities and those that have reemerged afflicting children in the tropics. 
  • In fostering the search for knowledge especially for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases peculiar to the tropics such as the development of better vaccines and therapeutic agents.
  • In the application of new and appropriate knowledge, procedures, skills and medical equipment and products to local conditions through scientific meetings, congresses, and workshops to improve health care of children in the tropics.
  • In strengthening the family to recognize and cope with health needs emphazing the promotive and preventive aspects.
  • In empowering the community to provide a child-friendly environment including sustainable and integrated health, educational and social services.
  • In capacity building and networking at the local level to address health problems of children in the tropics.
  • In stronger collaboration with one another in time of disasters, emergencies, and epidemics.
  • In taking a dynamic role in child advocacy and in the enforcement of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international and national statutes enhancing the status of children.
  • In providing avenues for relevant education and training for pediatricians and other child health care givers for the benefit of children. 
  • In more vigorous multisectoral and global partnerships with implementing agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children´s Fund (UNICEF), and the International Pediatric Association (IPA), national governments and child-caring voluntary organizations for better child health care.
  • In participating in initiatives to alleviate conditions inimical to better child health in the tropics such as poverty, inequities in availability and accessibility of health care, education, and other services.
  • In nurturing within ourselves compassion and courage to move us to action, humility and kindness to put interests of children as a priority; patience and perseverance to continue to transform our vision into reality; and hope and dedication to sustain our mission: the betterment of health care for children in the tropics.